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Possible Eagles Additions in Free Agency: Linebackers

One of the bigger needs for the Eagles this offseason, that maybe fans are not talking about as much, is at the linebacker position. Luckily, this year’s free agent class holds a number of quality players at the position. Here are the top five to keep your eye on in the coming days.

1. Blake Martinez

  • Martinez racked up a number of tackles over his career in Green Bay, however he has been known to miss a number of tackles as well.

  • Many analysts expect Martinez to receive C.J Mosley-type of money.

2. Cory Littleton

  • Littleton was very good in coverage for the Rams. Littleton also racked up an astounding 134 tackles in 2019.

3. Joe Schobert

  • Schobert is a tackling machine, and would clean up the run game in the middle of an Eagles defense.

  • Outperforming his rookie contract, expect Schobert to break the bank.

4. Nick Kwiatkowski

  • Kwiatkowski was under the radar during his time with the Bears, and is reportedly getting interest from 7-10 teams.

  • He filled in for seven starts in 2019 while Bears starter Danny Trevethan went down with a season-ending injury.

5. Kyle Van Noy

  • A versatile linebacker that has done it all. Van Noy is a good pass rusher and does well in coverage — albeit in a 3-4 New England defense.



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