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Pederson Yet to Decide Wentz's Availability Against the Jaguars

After today's practice, both Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz met with the media. They were asked about whether or not we could expect Carson to take the field to take in this Thursday's game against the Jaguars, and it doesn't sound like they have made up their minds yet.

When Doug was asked if any of the starters will start this preseason, Coach said that he was still working though those decisions and he would be discussing that possibility with his staff later tonight. But when he was asked about the possibility of Carson starting he had a more lengthy answer. Coach said that he has seen some great things from Carson, and that he is progressing and getting better every day. Further along in the press conference, Coach Pederson said,"You can't put players in bubble wrap. There is going to be contact and we just have to be smart with all of our guys."

According to Carson, he is willing and ready to go whenever Doug gives him the call. Carson told the media today that he feels great out there from their high intensity practices. Wentz complemented the defense as being extremely talented and explained, "That these practices at camp are as game like as you can get minus the hitting." When Carson was asked if he would want to play in the preseason if he was given the option, Wentz smiled and said, "I trust Doug's plan," and, "I'm ready to get out there and play." But, Carson also told the media today that he doesn't see a downside to not playing in the preseason at all.

From the sounds of today's practice it seems like Coach Pederson and his staff are still on the fence about starting any of our starters in Thursday night's game against the Jaguars, but no decisions have been made yet. What do you think? Should we start Carson or any of the starters for the preseason? Or would you rather they all sit out until the regular season?

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