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No Surprise: Carson Wentz's Career is Off to Elite Start

Unless you live under a rock or are a Dallas Cowboys fan, you already know that Carson Wentz is one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL. Wentz was on his way to an MVP award last season before going down with injury, and although the frustration of the first five weeks of 2018 is clouding some Eagles fans' judgement, he has been as good as could have been expected since returning from injury in Week 3.

But just how good has Wentz been throughout his young career? Look at this.

Just let those numbers sink in. And that includes starting Week 1 as a rookie on short notice and playing three games just nine months removed from a devastating knee injury.

Not convinced Wentz has been good since his return? Here's some more numbers for you.

Want more? Let's compare him to his counterpart down in Dallas, where there was once a raging debate about who was the better young prospect.

Wentz has gotten very little help from his offensive line, wide receivers, and yes, his coach, since returning from injury and his still managed to put up more than respectable numbers while looking a whole lot like the player he was before he got hurt.

So while we all try to process what we've seen from the Eagles over the first five weeks of the 2018 season and hope for a turnaround, take solace in knowing that the Birds have their franchise quarterback and his career is off to an incredible start.


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