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Nigel Bradham Trolls Dak Prescott as Eagles Get Last Laugh Over His Previous Comments

Sunday's win over the Dallas Cowboys was a sweet one. The win meant a little more for the Eagles defense though, and that is all because of what Dak Prescott started at the beginning of the season.

During the Cowboys Week 1 win over the New York Giants, Prescott connected with Amari Cooper for a touchdown. On the sideline, Prescott went up to Cooper and said "Hey, was that easier than Philly?", referencing Cooper's big performance against the Eagles in 2018.

The Eagles defense came up big on Sunday, holding Prescott to 265 yards and zero touchdowns and limiting Cooper to four receptions for 24 yards.

When heading to the locker room, Nigel Bradham remembered what Prescott said about the Eagles defense, and trolled him a bit with some comments:

Bradham continued his comments about Prescott on Monday morning, saying “if you call that easy, you might need to review yourself”

The amount of pettiness being showed is admirable, and shows just how Prescott gave the entire Eagles defense some free bulletin board material before the game.

Today the Eagles get to gloat, but tomorrow the focus needs to move towards the New York Giants as they still need one more win to secure the NFC East title. If they did all this talking to ultimately come up short, it's not going to look well for Bradham and the rest of the defense.


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