Nick Foles Has a Chance to Earn $4 Million This Postseason

Nick Foles is a rich man. In his seven-year NFL career, he has amassed over $31 Millionwhile alternating between being a back-up quarterback and being a starting quarterback in a Super Bowl.

Foles was almost $1 Million richer on Sunday, but a late injury took him out of the regular season finale, and made him four snaps short of reaching his incentive goal.

However, that wasn't the last chance for Foles to make some bank this season.

Back in April, Foles restructured his contract with the Eagles and as part of the deal, Howie Roseman and the front office agreed to pay him a $500,000 bonus for every postseason game where he took at least 33 percent of the snaps. The Eagles also agreed to add an additional $500,000 for any postseason game that the Birds won with Foles under center. So Foles can rack up $1 Million in bonus money per week in the playoffs if he plays 33 percent of the snaps in a game AND the Eagles win, meaning he will earn $4 Million if he can lead his team to another Super Bowl victory.

Foles had a similar bonus during the regular season, except he made $250,000 for taking at least 33 percent of the snaps and another $250,000 if they won the game. In the regular season, Foles earned $2.25 million in incentives by winning four of his five starts.

This spring he will become a rich man when he signs a new contract somewhere. Maybe if he gets his possible $4 Million, he'll be content with that money and sign a reasonable deal to remain a backup in Philadelphia. One can dream...


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