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Nick Foles Gets Ice Cream Named in His Honor

Nick Foles has already made himself a legend in the city of Philadelphia for eternity. After leading the Eagles to their first ever Super Bowl victory last season, Philadelphia honored Foles a few different ways. The most significant way he was honored was Bud Lightgiving him and Doug Pederson a statue that was placed inside Lincoln Financial Field.

This season seems to be falling into the same rhythm as last season, as the Eagles have Nick Foles under center once again leading the Eagles in the playoffs. This time Foles is being honored for his past accomplishments and for helping lead the Eagles to another playoff appearance by getting ice cream named after him.

Scoop DeVille is an ice cream parlor in center city, and they wanted to find a way to make sure Nick Foles is properly thanked for his contributions as an Eagle. What better way than to have some ice cream named after him?

The "Nick Foles #9"is a scoop of kelly green mint ice cream, brownie chunks and green sprinkles. It looks amazing, just like Foles has looked since Week 15. 

Not only did he get ice cream in his name, but Foles will also have an ice cream cake with his name attached to it.

If Foles is able to lead the Eagles to another Super Bowl, he will likely have every dessert item in the city of Philadelphia named after him.

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