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Nick Foles Expected to Become the Next Reggie White

The 2019 offseason is completely off the radar right now for Nick Foles, and he is just enjoying getting to play in an Eagles jersey as much as he can. That hasn't stopped the NFL from speculating what the future will hold for Foles though.

Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman put out an article today about what he has heard from NFL personnel, and there was one interesting tidbit about what to expect if/when Foles becomes a Free Agent:

"One AFC East team executive said he believes there will be an almost "Reggie White-like pursuit" of Foles by teams desperate for a franchise thrower. White, who left the Eagles for the Packers in 1993, is considered the highest-profile free-agent signing of all time."

This would mean the two biggest free agent bidding wars would have been for former Eagles if Philadelphia allows Foles to leave. The Eagles can still have a say in what happens with their backup quarterback. The Eagles can accept Foles' option for the 2019 season, but it would cost them $20 Million, which the team would have a hard time affording if he sticks around. But if they already know he will have a lot of suitors in Free Agency likely offering deals that would exceed $20 Million/year, why not accept Foles' option and then have teams get in a trading war for him?

Foles has done enough for Philadelphia to earn a say in his future, but at the same time why not try to get something in return for him if they know they will be losing him regardless?

When the time comes, this offseason will be an exciting one to watch unfold.

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