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Newest to the Nest - Andre Dillard

Updated: May 8, 2019

Many draft experts saw the Eagles making a jump up in the first round this year from the 25th pick to secure "their guy". The Eagles found their suitors in the Baltimore Ravens. The Eagles gave up the 25th overall pick, a 2019 4th-round and 2019 6th-round pick for the 22nd pick. With this selection, the Philadelphia Eagles took Andre Dillard, a tackle from Washington State.

The Eagles attended Dillard's pro day and they must have seen something in him. Typically, the Eagles have been known to trade back and gain more draft capital; however, Howie had the green light to trade up and get their guy. Dillard will have the ability to learn behind one of the greatest left tackles of all time. With that being said, Dillard will need to groom himself behind Jason Peters, and develop some of his weaknesses, pointed out below.

The Good:

  • Elite athleticism, a trait that is highly valued by the Eagles

  • Light feet, allows him to shadow the rush

  • Great awareness on gap exchanges

  • Intelligent and great character

The Bad:

  • At 6'5 Dillard has good size, however he does have short arms

  • Lacks elite run blocking ability

  • Struggles to get his hands inside, often gripping triceps

While most of these are easy fixes, Dillard will need to put in the work with Stoutland and Peters. Overall this was a great pick for the Eagles, as this was the BPA and a team need.


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