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New Data Shows Eagles Fans Are Among the Least Vulgar in the League

Eagles fans are always regarded by other fanbases as being one of the most vulgar, classless and rudest in the world. That may have been the case before, but it turned out there was a cure for all of it -- winning a Super Bowl.

A new study put out by shows that only two other fanbases used less curse words than Eagles fans last season. On top of that, their report says that the curse word Eagles fans used the most starts with the letter D and rhymes with sick. The people who ran this study probably didn't take into count that Nick Foles has a very particular nickname that fans love to say as often as possible.

It is actually very possible that if this study took that nickname into effect, the Eagles used the least amount of curse words in the league (that were from frustration rather than celebratory curses). It is also funny that this study was done before Nick Foles left Philadelphia for Jacksonville, and Jaguars fans used that "d word" a hell of a lot more than Eagles fans. So that word is probably gonna stay prevalent in Duval County if Foles finds success down in Florida.

With the Eagles gearing up for a long playoff run in 2019, as long as the team is successful there probably isn't going to be a lot of curses used by fans.....except for maybe "Duck Fallas"

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