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Never Underestimate the Underdogs

The Philadelphia Eagles are, for the second year in a row, the definition of an underdog. When they lost to Dallas, everyone thought their season was over but they knew it was possible, especially with Nick Foles on their side. They had nothing to lose and everything to gain and they conquered the impossible. People's hate and doubt are what fueled the underdogs in the off season.

Coming into the off season as the sixth seed didn't look too promising for the Philadelphia Eagles but they managed to pull out a one point victory over the Chicago Bear at Solider Stadium when Cody Parkey missed a potential field goal to win the game.  Fans from everywhere came to Chicago to cheer the Eagles to victory.  Undefeated post season quarterback, Nick Foles, tweeted "Great team win. Thank y'all for continued support and all the fans who showed up in Chicago! #FlyEaglesFly" after the big win over the Bears last night.

Thanks to Sunday's win, the Eagles will advance to the NFL Divisional Round where they will play The New Orleans Saints. This won't be any ordinary game as the Eagles are out for revenge for the Saints victory over them back in Week 11. However, that loss was with Carson Wentz; the Saints have not faced Nick Foles this season.

Another interesting thing about this game is it will be the first time two Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks from the same high school will battle for a playoff spot. Although their was a 10 year difference, Drew Brees and Nick Foles both attended Westlake High School in Austin, Texas. Brees led Westlake to their only state championship in 1996 and Foles broke Brees' career records for passing yards and touchdowns. Both players had only good things to say about each other and their school.

This will be the second time Foles and Brees meet in the playoffs overall. The first time was back in the 2013 Wild Card Round, when the Eagles had a good chance of winning thanks to Nick Foles. However, Drew Brees marched his Saints down the field and allowed their special teams to kick an easy field-goal as time ran out, resulting in a victory for the Saints and the Eagles being sent home. Foles is one of only seven players still on the team seeking revenge from that game (Zach Ertz, Jason Peters, Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, Brandon Graham, and Fletcher Cox).

Brees' hasn't played in three weeks due to being sat during the pointless Panthers game and then having a bye this week. Most would think this gave him plenty of rest for the upcoming game but it could have also just made him rusty, especially against the hungry Eagles seeking revenge.

This game is giving flashbacks to last season when the Eagles were supposed to play the Saints but the Vikings pulled out a last minute touchdown coined the "Minnesota Miracle" to play the Eagles. Everything seems a little eerie and repetitive of last year. First Carson gets hurt and Nick has to be brought in to save the day, then we have a close win that was not expected similar to the Falcons game and now were playing a team that is suspected to destroy us. But could it just be a repeat of last years' Vikings game?

In the wise words of Doug Pederson, "We're not done, yet."

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