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Nashville Hotel Replays Super Bowl LII For Guest Eagles Fans

Southern hospitality is alive and well in Nashville this weekend in at least one particular hotel. Word got out last night that the Aloft Hotel will be re-airing Super Bowl LII this morning for guests of the hotel.

As you could expect, Titans fans and locals were not happy to hear that the hotel is being so comforting to fans of the reigning Super Bowl champions. Titans fans will now be actively boycotting the Aloft Hotel.

A pretty bold and smart strategy for locals who own houses to boycott a hotel close to them that they probably never had to use anyway. For all they know, this could be a clever ploy that the hotel has come up with to help the team. They might re-play Super Bowl LII and make it stretch into the actual game time between the Eagles and Titans, hoping Eagles fans are too distracted by the re-play to actually get to the stadium and take away the Titans home-field advantage.

If that end up being the case, then I guess it really isn't true southern hospitality after all.



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