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Mychal Kendricks Could Spend 25 Years in Prison

Mychal Kendricks was set to wear Cleveland Browns orange jerseys this season, but now he might be wearing an orange jumpsuit for years to come. According to Tommy Rowan of, Kendricks is facing upwards of 25 years in Federal prison, after pleading guilty to insider trading.

Kendricks made $1.2 Million in illegal trading. He had already made upwards of $20 Million in his NFL career, and was set to make $500,000 this season by playing football. Now his football career is likely over, and he will be behind bars for his crime.

Since he pleaded guilty and is cooperating so far with everything he has been asked, Kendricks likely won't have to spend 25 years in prison, but will still have to spend at least some time behind bars. His sentencing will be made known in the future.

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