• Caitlin Roche

McLeod Pulls Through on Promise

During pregame warm-ups last night, safety Rodney McLeod hyped up a very broken (for lack of a better word) Eagles team. During his speech, he guaranteed to bring a win back to Philly, saying, "I promise you we're going to come away with this win."

Not only did McLeod talk the talk, but he also walked the walk in the Eagles' first win of the season.

In his 53rd start in midnight green, McLeod led the team with 7 tackles and had the team's first interception of the season.

The interception came during a critical drive for the 49ers, as a touchdown would have given San Fransisco the lead, most likely shifting the momentum of the game. McLeod's interception jump-started the Eagles defense, which also earned it's first pick-six of the season later in the game. McLeod also had great coverage on the 49ers' two-point attempt that would have cut the Eagles lead to three points. Instead, his coverage forced a missed connection and kept the Eagles with a five-point lead.

With an injury-ridden team, the Birds needed its veterans to step up and show the young guys what it takes to win, and McLeod did just that.


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