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Matchup Preview: Week 1 vs. Washington Redskins

Well, it’s finally here.

Week 1 of the 2019-2020 Philadelphia Eagles season begins in just three short days in south Philly versus the Washington Redskins. Get your cheesesteaks, buffalo chicken dip, chips and salsa, and pizza ready because like 2019 Eagles, you also need to feast. 

The first matchup our beloved Eagles have is a favorable one. The Redskins are a team that is rebuilding? Kind of? In the 2019 NFL Draft, they selected Dwayne Haskins who somehow fell to them while the brainless Giants felt like reaching for Daniel Jones, and the Redskins still aren't even starting Haskins. 

Somehow, the troubled team in Washington elected to start Case Keenum — a guy who was decimated by a hungry Eagles defense in the NFC Championship Game the last time he was in Philadelphia. Not quite sure what the game plan is here, Washington, but we love it. Keep it up. 

On the other hand, Carson Wentz is as healthy as ever with the best weapons on offense that he’s probably ever had in his entire football career. Wentz has also been known to have some of his more fantastic plays facing Washington — who could forget 3rd & 8 when he was seemingly swallowed up in a pile of bodies and shot right out of the group and ran for a first down? Or 3rd and goal when he found Corey Clement for a touchdown while being hit? Or maybe escaping 4 or 5 sacks and launching the ball deep downfield for Nelson Agholor on the first drive of the 2017 season? Washington should be scared.

The Redskins defensive coordinator Greg Manusky ABSOLUTELY KNOWS that the Eagles offense are going to try and torch their secondary early on with DeSean Jackson. You’ve seen it and have probably commented on it yourself after Jackson was signed — “The first play of 2019 is gonna be a 75 yard bomb to Jackson.” I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it.

But Manusky has, too. Jackson’s ability to make plays and owning the NFL record in scoring plays over 50 yards is in the mind of every defensive coordinator that prepares for him. Don’t get your hopes up if the Eagles start conservatively, and then bring out the big play a little late in the game. Everyone wants that big play, but it can wait — trust me. It’ll be worth it.

The Eagles still trail the Redskins in overall record (Washington leads 86-78-6), but the gap is closing, and Philadelphia should be able to easily steal two wins this year from them. 

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