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Malcom Jenkins Believes the Eagles Could be Unstoppable if not for Penalties

Malcom Jenkins gave an honest answer last night when he was asked by Tim McManus what he has learned about this team. It is clear that Jenkins sees that this Philadelphia Eagles is very talented, and could be the best in the league, if they would stop making mistakes out there on the football field.

When McManus asked Jenkins what he had learned about this team, Jenkins said, “We are a resilient bunch. We are explosive and we want to be. We got to figure out how to eliminate penalties, and things that we inflict upon ourselves. I don’t think there is a team out there that can beat us. Our greatest asset is our talent, but our worst enemy is ourselves.”

Penalties were a big problem again for the Eagles. The team received nine penalties for 93 yards compared to Green Bay’s five penalties for 50 yards. Derek Barnett was called for unnecessary roughness and illegal use of hands. Those two penalties cost the Birds 20 yards. Zach Brown had two penalties, too. He was called for a face mask call and unnecessary roughness. Both penalties carry a 15-yard penalty resulting in 30 more yards lost for the team. Brown and Barnett caused 50 yards lost for the Eagles last night and were the biggest offenders.

I agree with Jenkins that the Eagles could be unstoppable, but they need to get their play cleaned up. There are some bogus calls by the refs, but last night there were some really nasty helmets to helmets that just cannot happen. The Eagles just need to figure out how to play rough, but smart, and stop shooting themselves in the foot. No one could stop them then.

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