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Jordan Howard is Proving He is For Real

Anyone who didn't play Jordan Howard on their fantasy team last weekend because of the fear of the Bears' stellar defense ended up feeling pretty upset by the end of that game. The Bears traded away Howard this past offseason to the Eagles for a 6th round pick seemingly to draft David Montgomery and involve Tarik Cohen more in their offense. I think I speak for all Eagles fans when I say we all knew we got a steal in Howard and since becoming a lead back for the Birds he has not disappointed at all. He has been a power running back that will move the chains for the team, and he even has a little bit of breakout speed.

Howard went into the Chicago game and made a name for himself against a team that supposed had the best defense in the league and put on a show. Howard rushed for 82 yards and a touchdown against his former team, and was a huge part in putting the nail in the Bears coffin on the final offensive drive. I can't say whether or not Howard was "getting his revenge" on his former team, but if you ask me I think that's nonsense. He has been performing this well all year, no matter who the Eagles have faced. So far in 2019 he has 525 rushing yards on 119 attempts, good for a 4.4 YPC margin, while also crossing the goal line six times on the ground.

Sunday was just another day at the office for Howard, and he will continue to punch that clock day in and day out, helping the Eagles get the the playoffs they deserve to be in.

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