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Jim Schwartz is "Firmly Behind" Jalen Mills as his Starting CB

Do you want to see Jalen Mills on the bench or used in a reduce role? If so, this news isn't going to make your day.

At his press conference today, Eagles Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz was asked if he is ready to move on from Jalen Mills after a rough start to his season. Schwartz was quick to defend his player, and make it known he isn't going to be making a change at the outside corner position.

Schwartz however did say that the team will be making a different change to their defense - they will have Avonte Maddox on the field more as a safety moving forward. Schwartz did not make it known if Mills is on a short leash of any kind, but if Mills continues to have pass interference calls against him or keeps getting beat deep by a wide receiver multiple times a game, Schwartz will have to make some type of move involving Mills. If he doesn't, he might be seeing himself on the hot seat.

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