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Jeffrey Lurie Confirms Kelly Green Alternate Jerseys Are Coming Next Year

Some fans have been dreaming for this day to come while others have been dreading it, but it became official today -- the Eagles are adding kelly green jerseys back into their rotation starting in 2023.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has wanted it to come back in some capacity for quite a long time, but the NFL has had a rule in place where teams can only use one helmet throughout the year, and only the stickers on the helmet could change. With the helmet being midnight green it wouldn't make sense for the Eagles to use kelly green jerseys and have a midnight green helmet.

An added bonus is in place for this coming season though, as the Eagles will be allowed to use a black helmet to go with their black uniforms.

The black helmet could end up looking something like this:

2023 will be the first season where the Eagles wear some sort of kelly green since they worn them in Week 1 of the 2010 season to honor the 50th anniversary of the 1960 NFL Championship team. It will also be the first time kelly green will be worn in a yearly capacity since the 1995 season.



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