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Jay Ajayi Will Play With a Back Fracture

In a contract year, Jay Ajayi will do whatever he can to play as much as possible to get the most production he can to earn a long-term, big money contract. He will be proving just how much he is willing to go through when he takes the field on Sunday.

Ajayi has revealed that he has a fracture in his back, but will play through the pain and return to the Eagles backfield on Sunday.

Playing with a fracture in a back at first sounds like an idiotic thing to do, as most people would want to wait until the fracture fully heals before they would return to their job. However, former Chargers team doctor Dr. David J. Chao gave more details about what Ajayi is going through, and it seems like he isn't necessarily putting himself at great risk for severe injuries.

We will have to wait and see just how much Ajayi is involved on Sunday. Doug Pederson could have him on a snap count limit in his first game back. But Ajayi will likely be chomping at the bit to get as many reps as possible.

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