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Jay Ajayi Joins eMLS Team, Promptly Gets Whooped in Tournament

Jay Ajayi's return the the football field didn't go as well as he had hoped this season. Because of that, he decided to give a try a fresh start on the fútbol field (at least the electronic one).

On Tuesday, the former Eagles running back joined the Philadelphia Union eSports team.

Ajayi will represent the Union during the 2020 eMLS Cup campaign, beginning with eMLS League Series One in Philadelphia on January 10th.

Before the League Series One there was a qualifying round, which gave Jay Ajayi 12 games to prove what he can do on the e-gaming stage. So how did Ajayi do? He went 0-12 with a -61 goal deferential.

Jay Ajayi's scores were posted online later in the day. They were:












The good news for Ajayi is that his scores today didn't mean a thing -- the Union were automatically going to make the quarterfinals.

So Ajayi will have a chance to redeem himself tomorrow. If he continues his poor performance on the electronic pitch, he might have to refocus his offseason on the other kind of football.


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