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Jason Peters Adds Super Bowl Decor to His House And Car

Jason Peters has basically secured his spot in Canton when he officially retires. Before last season, the only thing missing from Peters' decorated NFL career was a Super Bowl championship and ring. Although he went down in the middle of the season with a torn ACL, the Eagles were still able to bring home their first Super Bowl victory, allowing Peters to finally get his much deserved ring.

Peters wanted to win a championship as an Eagle badly. Now that he has done that, he wants to remind himself every single day about what took place last season. So Peters did the sensible thing, and added Super Bowl decals completely covering his truck, and also had an Eagles Super Bowl ring engraved onto the floor of his garage that he sees every day.

Peters is still playing at an elite level, and he definitely is not settled with one Super Bowl ring. He wants to play in the big game and wants to add another ring or two to his collection before he gets his gold jacket.



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