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Jason Kelce Played Through A Ton of Painful Injuries Last Season

Updated: May 8, 2019

Not that anyone ever questioned it, but Jason Kelce is one tough son of a bitch.

With today being the first day of the Eagles' offseason workout program, a few players met with media, one of them being Kelce. During his Q&A, Kelce told reporters all the injuries he played through last season.

Pretty much half of Kelce's body was in extreme pain. I can only imagine what kind of pain killers he was on. Even with all of those injuries, Kelce still played at an elite level, and was a first-team all-pro at the center position.

Kelce reveled back in January that he has pondered retirement, but after a new contract extension it appears he'll be around at least another few years before he hangs up his cleats. Hopefully he doesn't go through any more seasons that were as painful as 2018.

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