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Is There Any Hope Left?

With the Eagles at 4-6, many fans are calling 2018 a lost season. Too many, in fact. Yes, the birds are simply not good, but that doesn’t mean their division is any better either.

The Washington Redskins just lost their quarterback for the rest of the season, and the Dallas Cowboys are under the impression that they’re going to hit a big winning streak (lol).

Philadelphia has a huge opportunity to take back the division by winning their next three games versus the Giants, Redskins and then against the Cowboys. Win those games, and they’ll be 7-6 and possibly at the top of the division.

You can pretty much count the Redskins out for the rest of 2018, and maybe 2019 if they aren’t able to find a quarterback after Alex Smith broke his fibula and tibia. You can also count the Cowboys out because Dak Prescott is, well, not good. He’s played better recently, but not nearly well enough to sustain a successful run—especially not when Dallas still has to play the Saints and the Colts.

Now, back to our Birds. Every week, there seems to be a new injury or two that continue to hamper this team. The first bit of 2018 had been prematurely derailed by the loss of Jay Ajayi, Darren Sproles, Mike Wallace, Rodney McLeod over the course of the season. Carson Wentz, Alshon Jeffery, Corey Clement, Sidney Jones, Jalen Mills, Haloti Ngata and Jason Peters all have missed time as well. Two key contributors in Derek Barnett and Ronald Darby both went on IR later in the season, and neither Mack Hollins nor Timmy Jernigan has seen the field yet. I’m exhausted after typing that - what a mess.

However, Jernigan, Mills and Sproles will all return soon. The Eagles will absolutely need these players to contribute in order to try to salvage what’s left of 2018. If not, we can begin looking forward to the 2019 NFL Draft and a restful, healthy offseason for the Birds to regroup and figure some things out.

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