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Is Carson Wentz Turning into "Mr. December"?

We are four years into Carson Wentz's NFL career, and we STILL haven't come up with an official nickname for him? (Yes I know we have the Wentz Wagon, but that falls under a fanbase nickname rather than player nickname) That needs to change, and soon.

Over the years, plenty of Eagles greats had nicknames developed. Ron Jaworski became the "Polish Rifle", Jeremiah Trotter was "the Axe Man", Andre Waters earned his nickname "Dirty Waters", and Randall Cunningham was coined "the Ultimate Weapon" just to name a few.

With him signing a contract extension earlier this year and cementing himself as the Eagles franchise quarterback for the foreseeable future, it is time we give Wentz a nickname he deserves. With his recent play, why not make his nickname "Mr. December?"

After a rough patch to start the month, Wentz has developed some chemistry with his young and former practice squad receivers. That chemistry has helped Wentz and the offense turn in three consecutive wins, and are one more win away from securing the team's second NFC East title in three seasons. This isn't the first time Wentz has excellent in the last month of the regular season, just look at these stats in his December games the past three seasons:

Wentz in December games since 2017:

•8 games

•223 / 336 (66%)

•2,393 passing yards (299/game)

•19 touchdowns (2.3/game)

•Four interceptions (.5/game)

•Two 4th quarter comebacks/game-winning drives

•A win over the Cowboys that determined control of the NFC East

•A win against a 9-3 2017 Rams team that went to playoffs

It might not be the best nickname ever, but Wentz is starting to earn the "Mr. December" name. One more win on Sunday against the New York Giants, and then we will finally see Carson Wentz play a playoff game for the Eagles. Who knows, maybe he'll end up becoming a "Mr. January" or "Mr. February" depending on how far he and the Eagles can ride this wave.

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