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Impact Play Of The Week: Sidney Jones Makes Yet Another Clutch Play

I know what you're thinking, but I assure you the headline it is correct and I'm just as surprised to be writing this article.

Sidney Jones has been nothing but a disappointment since the Eagles drafted him in 2017. His career has been filled with injuries and poor play, so the fact that he made a clutch play on Sunday to kept the Eagles' playoff hopes alive had to be this week's Impact Play of the Week.

Jones' entrance to the game got started near the beginning of the 2nd quarter, when cornerback Ronald Darby allowed a big 41-yard third-down conversion.

Darby went into the locker room shortly after this play with what the team is calling a hip flexor injury.

This injury to Darby paved the way for Jones to find some playing time. Normally other Eagles fans and myself would want him to be kept off the field as much as possible. The Eagles found themselves in a one-possession game in the 4th quarter with a little under the two minutes left to play in the game. Seeing Jones on the field in that situation had Eagles fans turn into a nervous wreck.

Jones was picked on by the Cowboys because everyone knows he is the weak link in an already struggling secondary. However, this wasn't the case on Sunday, as Jones was all over Michael Gallup on the Cowboys' 4th down touchdown attempt.

Gallup had absolutely no way to make the catch, as Jones was perfectly draped all over him.

This helped the Eagles seal the game by giving the ball back to the Bird's offense to try and run the clock out, which is exactly what they did. With that, they managed to pull off the 19-7 victory.

I know what you're thinking: so what he's made two clutch plays the last two weeks? It does not mean he is ready to be a starting cornerback moving forward. I agree with you there, but Jones absolutely deserves credit for this Impact Play of the Week, so even if you don't like his overall game, give him his props. Just be thankful this game didn't turn out for the worst, and go give any Cowboys fans you know a hard time.




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