Freddie Mitchell Piles on the McNabb Hate

Updated: May 8, 2019

During the offseason, there's often so much free time that some sort of unnecessary drama ends up happening somewhere in the NFL. This time it's the Eagles' turn, as there seems to be a feud between Donovan McNabb and some current and former Eagles players.

It all started this weekend when McNabb went on a show and said the Eagles might need to move on from Carson Wentz soon if he doesn't perform in the playoffs and continues to get injured. Lane Johnson was quick to defend his quarterback by attacking McNabb for his comments and calling him out on Twitter.

Now former Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell is getting into the action, saying the McNabb ruined his career and he's glad he is finally getting his comeuppance.

Brandon Graham also chimed in on Johnson's Instagram post today, seemingly backing up his teammates' words.

McNabb's former bodyguard on the field Tra Thomas just wants to end to green on green trash talking.

Hopefully today's the last day of this unneeded drama and we can all just focus on this week's draft.


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