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Former QB Claims Wide Receivers Were Main Cause of Carson Wentz's Woes in Seahawks Game

All Eagles fans know that watching paint dry would have been a more fun than watching the Eagles offense in yesterday's miserable game against the Seahawks. Carson Wentz played his worst football of his career (although last year's New Orleans Saints game was just as bad), and he ended taking full responsibility for the entire offense's awful performance.

Most fans seem to agree that *most* of the fault should lie on Wentz for yesterday, but former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky watched more film on the game along with some new camera angles, and his conclusion from yesterday's game was that Wentz's wide receivers were the ones that should be held responsible for the poor offensive game. The video is well worth everyone's time.

So just from these few plays, there was certainly some fundamental problems that the wide receivers dealt with that caused some incompletions. Orlovsky wasn't the only one to agree, as former Eagles receiver Bryce Treggs also said one of J.J. Arcega-Whiteside's routes was the reason for a crucial 4th-down incompletion.

The reason can be the lack of experience from receivers like Arcega-Whiteside, Greg Ward and Mack Hollins. But all of those players have had months of practice to get over the fundamentals hump. This could end up being a coaching issue, which is what former Eagles receiver Freddie Mitchell believes.

Obviously though not *everything* yesterday can be put directly on the receivers though either. Wentz did miss some easy throws (like the overthrow to Miles Sanders in the backfield). Still, this shows fans that it's wrong to throw blame directly on one player or one coach. Football is the ultimate team sport, and the offense as a whole has been performing terribly for the past few weeks.

If the offense can't get together and start putting up big numbers against the upcoming weaker opponents on the schedule, receivers coach Carson Walch and offensive coordinator Mike Groh will find themselves unemployed when the offseason comes around.

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