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Fletcher Cox Continues His Domination

When Fletcher Cox left Sunday's game against the Rams on a cart, it seemed like the game would be over and the Eagles would be heading to a 6-8 record and no hope left for a late playoff push. Instead, Cox got his hip injury checked out and was able to return to the field. His return to the game is what allowed the Eagles to come out on top, as he was a wrecking ball and couldn't be contained.

First let's take a look back at this a crucial 3rd-down play the Rams had inside the Eagles redzone.

Jared Goff had his team moving down field, and could have potentially put the Rams up by eight before the half. Instead, Cox easily beats the center to scare Goff to the ground, making him eat a sack. This forced a field goal and allowed the Eagles enough time to drive down the field themselves and score a touchdown right before the half and take a lead going into the 3rd quarter.

That wasn't the only play of the game where Fletcher Cox abused Rams center John Sullivan. Here's a look at another scenario where Fletcher Cox easily won a one-on-one matchup and tallied a hit on Goff.

Jared Goff definitely woke up sore on Monday thanks in large part to Cox continuing his dominating season.

Even though it didn't initially show, in the all-22 tape release on Monday, we also found out that Fletcher Cox's presence caused Corey Graham's interception. His sustained success this season should definitely have him mentioned for the Defensive Player of the Year Award. His 7.5 sacks this season are two away from tying his career high, and he has already set a career high in QB hits with 29 and counting.

All Eagles fans need to appreciate how much of a pleasure it is to have Cox in midnight green. He is ready to make one last push to get the Eagles into the postseason.

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