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First Look: Brian Dawkins' Hall of Fame Ring

On Sunday Eagles fans are in for quite the treat. In addition to taking in a critically important game between the Eagles and the Panthers, the crowd at the Linc will witness a halftime ceremony in which Eagles legend Brian Dawkins receives his Hall of Fame ring.

Thanks to Dave Zangaro and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, we have some visuals of what the ring will look like, and it is a beauty.

The addition of blue and black compliment the gold nicely, but I think my favorite part is the number 313 on the underside of the ring. The number represents that Dawkins is the 313th member inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Dawkins endeared himself to Eagles fans not only with his incredible play on the field but also by wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Sunday that vintage Dawkins emotion is likely to be on full display, and should make for a moment no one will forget.



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