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Falcons Try Trolling Eagles, Always Sunny's Rob McElhenney Embarrasses Them Instead

Since the Doug Pederson Era got underway in Philadelphia, the Eagles have always had the Atlanta Falcons' number. They defeated them in the 2016 season, as well as in the 2017 NFL Divisional Playoffs and in the Opening Kickoff Game of the 2018 season.

On Sunday though the Falcons finally braved the Eagles storm and were able to overcome a 4th Quarter deficit to win 24-20. The Falcons went on to rub it in Philly's faces as much as possible, including taking a jab at the city's most notable TV show -- Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The show's creator and star, Rob McElhenney, was not going to let Atlanta get away with mocking his city and his show scot free, so he decided to throw a haymaker back by reminded them of what happened back in 2017.

What's embarrassing about this shot taken by the Falcons is that the photoshop they used of Always Sunny is from a dated advertisement poster of the 12th season, which debuted in 2017.

That goes to show how long they have had that photoshopped imaged saved in their drafts waiting to beat the Eagles.

That wasn't the most embarrassing thing the team did after defeating the Eagles though, as the Falcons posted on their social media what the locker room looked like immediately after the win, and let's just say they celebrated like they had just won their first ever Super Bowl.

Obviously since they aren't in the NFC East, the Eagles won't get to face the Falcons again this season unless it is in the postseason. If these teams were to somehow get matched in the playoffs, then I have no doubts that the Eagles would get to have their revenge.


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