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ESPN Ranks Carson Wentz Among the Elite QB's in the NFL

Our Eagles fans already know what they have in Carson Wentz. He showed some flashes of potential in his rookie year, then last year he was on pace to become the NFL MVP before tearing his ACL and missing the last three games of the regular season. His performance last season apparently left a mark on the people at ESPN, as he is listed as the 4th best QB in the NFL on their 2018 Best NFL Players List.

He is #17 on the overall list, but comes behind only three quarterbacks on the list: Aaron Rodgers (#1 overall), Tom Brady (#2 overall) and Drew Brees (#6 overall). Although you can't read into these lists toomuch, it's nice to see that ESPN sees Wentz as the franchise quarterback he is, and that the only quarterbacks they feel are currently better than him in the league are all going to be enshrined in Canton once they announce their retirements.

The Eagles have their franchise quarterback, and hopefully this means more Super Bowl appearances in the near future.

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