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Eagles Week 2 PFF Grades

Another tough loss, this time to an arguably more formidable opponent in the Los Angeles Rams. The Eagles cleaned up some of the messy parts of their game from week one but struggled heavily in others.


Best Grade: RT Lane Johnson, 89.8

Making his season debut, Lane Johnson put in the best offensive performance on the team. The entire offensive line stepped up in the passing game allowing 0 sacks a week after Wentz was sacked eight times.

Worst Grade: WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, 43.8

In perhaps the least surprising underwhelming performance, Arcega-Whiteside was on the field for 16 snaps, eight passing plays where he was targeted twice and caught 0 passes. He also received the 4th-worst run-blocking grade on the team.


Best Grade: DT Fletcher Cox, 83.0

Fletcher Cox appeared to start to find his way a bit on Sunday as he was the 10th highest graded interior lineman in the league Sunday; Aaron Donald was 76th (58.8). Hopefully, Cox will continue to get into top form and help the rest of the defense get on track.

Worst Grade: Nate Gerry 28.8

After being the best tackler on the team a week ago against Washington, Nathan Gerry was the 4th worst graded linebacker in football on Sunday. The Eagles may not value the position too highly, but much more is expected of Gerry since he is in the starting role and played all but one of the defensive snaps this season.

Other Notable Grades

RG Nate Herbig was the #4 graded guard in the league on Sunday (80.5). Head coach Doug Pederson is comfortable with Herbig starting at right guard and the second-year guard is making a case to stay there this season.

The Eagles end Week 2 as the 4th-worst graded team in the league. There is just way too much bad outweighing the good right now and it shows on the stat sheet as well as the scoreboard and the team's record (59.2). A lot needs to get fixed with the team and the Eagles are running out of time to do so.



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