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Eagles to Induct Bobby Walston into Their Hall of Fame

A long overdue selection will finally be taking place this season, as former Eagles receiver/kicker Bobby Walston will be the lone inductee for the Eagles Hall of Fame in 2019.

Walston has the 7th-most receiving yards in Eagles history (5,363) and the 11th-most receptions. His 17.2 yards/reception are the 6th-most in team history as well, showing how much of a big-play threat he truly was.

Not only was Walston a great receiver, but he was an excellent kicker in his era. His 80 made field goals are still the 5th-most in franchise history.

He played in 148 games with the Eagles, and although he passed away over 30 years ago, his family and friends will be able to celebrate his accomplishments later this season when he is rightfully inducted into the Eagles Hall of Fame.

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