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Eagles Scout Attends LA Tech's Pro Day

Can you name the last player that the Eagles have drafted from Louisiana Tech? Here's a hint - he was a running back.

If you guessed Ryan Moats, you are correct! Another piece of useful Eagles trivia for Wednesday nights at the pub. This year, LA Tech is looking to have a first round pick; and the Eagles may be interested as they had a scout down in Louisiana for LA Tech's Pro Day. Take a look at a few of the prospects.

Jaylon Ferguson | DE | 6'5 262lbs

Not sold on this prospect a few weeks back, but after watching more film, and noticing the potential in Ferguson - draft this kid at 25. Ferguson, albeit a small school product, led the nation in sacks with 17.5 in 2018. Ferguson displays an elite bull rush, and leverages it to set up his other moves. While many say that Jaylon's achievements are due to the small school competition, he also threw around LSU tackles.

Ferguson simply has the power and burst off the line of scrimmage to exceed at the NFL level. To add, Ferguson is being compared to Marcus Davenport, the DE drafted in the middle of the 2018 first round by New Orleans.

Current Projection: 1st Round

O'Shea Dugas | LT | 6'5 330lbs

The Birds have a need at LT, and while they have Big V and Jordan Mailata, neither of those are proven commodities. Protecting Carson Wentz's blindside long-term should be an early investment for the team in this draft. While Dugas doesn't project as a high draft pick, getting depth later in the draft is important. One scout at his pro day thought he had a wonderful workout. From the minimal film available, mainly the LSU game, Dugas held his own against a top rated defense.

Current Projection: 4th-6th Round


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