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Eagles Remain Among the Most Valuable Sports Franchises in the World

On May 4th, 1994, Boston businessman Jeffrey Lurie purchased the Philadelphia Eagles from Norman Braman for a steep price of $195 Million. Lurie's pockets did not feel empty for long though, as each year since the purchase the value of the Philadelphia Eagles has risen.

According to, the Eagles are now the 24th most valuable sports franchise on the planet, valued at $2.75 Billion. Although they come in last in the NFC East in terms of value, the Eagle rank on the higher end in the NFL in general, coming in as the 10th most valuable American football franchise.

A Super Bowl win now under their belt has certainly helped gain the Birds some value. With a franchise quarterback, an elite head coach, and a wizard of a general manager in place, the Eagles are primed to be successful for years to come. That means we'll likely be seeing that value continue to rise, which is music to Lurie's ears.

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