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Eagles Release Andrew Sendejo to Pick Up Compensatory Draft Pick

The day most fans have been waiting for has finally arrived -- today the Philadelphia Eagles announced they have waived Andrew Sendejo.

With Sendejo not on the Eagles roster after Week 10, the team is set to gain an extra 4th-round draft pick thanks to the NFL's compensatory pick formula.

The way that works is that three former Eagles signed big-money deals during the compensatory timeline this offseason to head to different teams: Nick Foles (Jacksonville), Jordan Hicks (Arizona) and Golden Tate (New York). Sendejo was the only player left on the Eagles that signed during the compensatory timeline, which meant he would have cancelled out one of those three original departures. But since he his on his way out he will now longer cancel one of those contracts, meaning the Eagles are set to gain three compensatory picks for the 2020 draft.

Here's a handy chart from PhillyVoice that shows what the Eagles will expect to have as long as none of the three players listed are released:

The Eagles are now projected to have 10 draft picks for the 2020 NFL Draft:

•one 1st-rounder

•one 2nd-rounder

•two 3rd-rounders

•three 4th-rounders

•two 5th-rounders

•one 6th-rounder


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