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Eagles Players React to Bryce Harper Signing

The Eagles' neighbors made a splash Thursday afternoon when the Philadelphia Phillies signed Bryce Harper to a mammoth 13-year, $330 million contract. Eagles players took to Twitter to react to the big news.

Fletcher Cox and Alshon Jeffery noted that Philadelphia is the place to be.

Zach Ertz, who has long been clamoring for Harper and the Phillies to get the deal done, seems excited.

Lane Johnson is ready to have some fun and wants to know who's next.

Mack Hollins was nice enough to offer Bryce some hitting tips.

Brandon Brooks wants some free tickets to watch the Bryce show at Citizens Bank Park while he recovers from his injury.

Malcolm Jenkins welcomed his UnderArmour teammate.

The other half of the Eagles safety tandem, Rodney McLeod, welcomed Harper as well.

Jake Elliott challenged Harper to a home-run derby.

The franchise QB gave a warm welcome as well.

Finally, the Eagles themselves embraced their new neighbor.

It's a great day to be a Philadelphia sports fan, and it's awesome to see the Eagles players sharing in the fun and excitement.


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