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Eagles Player Mentioned in Jeopardy! Question

If you missed Wednesday night's Jeopardy! episode, you missed out on hearing a question that focused on Eagles 2020 draft pick Davion Taylor.

The question pertained to the faith of Taylor and his family, which caused him to not being able to play football games in high school.

If you didn't know the answer, that's okay because none of the show's contestants got it right either (Seventh Day Adventist).

Taylor played just one and a half games in high school. The Sabbath for Seventh Day Adventists is from Friday Night into Saturday, and with a majority of high school games being Friday night, it meant that Taylor could practice with the team all week but then sit out on gameday.

This wasn't the first time the Philadelphia Eagles were part of a Jeopardy! question. In fact, there are 29 other questions in the show's history that the Birds were in.


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