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Eagles Move on From Zach Brown

This evening the Eagles decided to release linebacker Zach Brown.

Brown has not been a stand out and the team decided to move in a different direction at the position. Before the game against the Minnesota Vikings this past Sunday, Zach Brown called out Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins during an interview, which prompted Kirk Cousins to show up in a big way with 333 passing yards and four touchdowns.

I think that the Eagles decided that they don't need a guy like Brown to do that kind of thing so they cut ties. Not a huge loss in my opinion, but still I remember being pretty excited when the team signed him in the offseason. He was a stud in Washington, and to see him come in and not really make a difference is disheartening. ESPN's Adam Schefter claims that the multiple teams are interested in Zach Brown which begs the question why we couldn't have traded him. But I digress -- he is gone so it is time to see if Nathan Gerry can step up. Heading into the Vikings game, Gerry's Pro Football Focus grade was the 2nd-highest for linebackers (89.8) and he was the highest-graded coverage linebackers (90.2) so far in 2019. His passer rating allowed (43.8) was also the lowest among all linebackers.

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