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Eagles Monday Morning Recap: Week 5

The Steelers took the battle of PA this time around, but in the case of moral victories — the Eagles come away on top. Clearly, moral victories count for nothing in the win, loss, tie columns. However, if there ever was a glimmer of hope to this 2020 Eagles season, we saw that on Sunday.

Feeding Fulgham

Do the Eagles finally have their #1 wide receiver? Fulgham has certainly showed potential of that on Sunday afternoon. The Eagles wideout ended the day with 10 catches on 12 targets for 152 yards and a TD. Fulgham looked good all day, especially in moments when Carson Wentz needed him most. He was always open, and when you watch his game, his route running was the reason why. Fulgham and Wentz finding this sort of chemistry so early is promising for this offense heading into a stretch of NFC East games that the Eagles need to win.

Chasing Claypool

It seemed as though the Eagles were trying to limit the big plays of the Steelers all day. However, that left underneath routes and end around a to eat up the defense. While the team did force a sack on the day, the Steelers offensive game plan normalized the Eagles defensive line and forced the linebackers and secondary to make plays. Chase Claypool had the biggest day, with four touchdowns — the biggest coming as the game-icing touchdown on a 3rd down. That single play had many Eagles fans calling for Jim Schwartz’s job. The Eagles should have used a time out there because even Big Ben’s eyes lit up when he saw Nate Gerry in coverage against Claypool.

NFC East Up for Grabs

The Eagles are no longer in first place in the NFC East, but with their upcoming schedule, and the unfortunate injury to Dak Prescott — the NFC East is now wide open for the Birds to take. We don’t wish injury upon anyone and are wishing Dak a speedy and full recovery. However, the simple fact is that the Cowboys defense just let up 27 points (pick-six for defense) to a Giants offense, that going into the game scored the fewest points through Week 4. The Eagles are in a good position to win the NFC East when they get their guys back and healthy.

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