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Eagles Insider Believes Team Won't Make Trade For Running Back a Priority

Once it was made known the Eagles would be without Jay Ajayi for the rest of the season, rumors about the team trading for a playmaking Runninback have been running rampant. So far, the team has been linked to David Johnson, LeSean McCoy, Jordan Howard, and Le'Veon Bell. With thoughts of those trades overtaking the minds of Eagles fans, we have been quick to forget about the team's other holes on the roster due to injuries. Thankfully it appears that Howie Roseman and company haven't forgotten about those holes, and in fact seem to be focusing more on those holes over the hole in the backfield.

With Carson Wentz playing like his old-self, it seems like he is able to make plays even with holes on the offense. It seems most likely that the team's first priority will be to add a Defensive Back, followed by an addition of a Wide Receiver or a Runningback. Although it seems like offensive line might be a new priority soon.

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