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Eagles Impact Plays Of The Week: Multiple Plays Made For A Great Team Win

The Philadelphia Eagles were dominating right out the gate last Sunday over the Chicago Bears to the point I wasn’t sure that they would need an impact play to win this game. It was nice to see them start fast to take control of the momentum right from the get-go. However, it did slowdown in the third quarter for them and that’s where the impact play (or should I say plays) came from.

After holding a 19-0 lead, the Eagles offense seemed to take the foot off the gas and the Bears defense made enough plays to allow their offense to try and make some sort of dent on the scoreboard. They finally did when Mitchell Trubisky found Tyler Gabriel for a huge gain, which set up a short touchdown by rookie running back David Montgomery. Montgomery ended up reaching the end zone twice in the second half. Suddenly it was 19-14, and the Bears were buzzing and looking for a stop so their offense could get one more touchdown for a win.

That’s when the Eagles finally decided to put the Bears in the rearview mirror. Alshon Jeffery made it happen on third and long, as Carson Wentz connected with him for a 13-yard gain to get a first down, keeping the Eagles drive and lead alive.

Jeffery ended up getting injured on the play, so the Eagles would need another player to step up to help keep the chains moving and the clock rolling.

After a couple running plays, the Eagles found themselves at a third and long again, knowing this could be the one that will make them have to give the ball back to the Bears. Then, another impact play came when Wentz found a wide open Miles Sanders out of the backfield for another first down. I was jumping out of my seat with excitement on this play.

Then the excitement would slow down once again when the Eagles offense stalled for two plays and found themselves in yet another third and long, I was almost having a heart attack. Then out of nowhere again, Wentz found Dallas Goedert on a screen for 16-yards and another first down.

We owe center Jason Kelce credit on this play he had a huge block to open the field up for Goedert to make this play possible.

Then nearing the end of the game, the Eagles had to settle with a 38-yard field goal by kicker Jake Elliott. If Elliott missed the Bears would have had decent field position to try a miraculous touchdown drive to take the lead. Instead of that being a possibility, with ice in his veins Elliott drilled the field goal, bringing the score to 22-14.

With only 25 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Bears needed a touchdown and a two-point conversion to for the game into overtime. That’s when the Bears' luck would run out -- a squib kick from Elliott turned into a muffed return, with linebacker Duke Riley recovering the ball to seal the game for Philadelphia.

So at the end of the day there wasn't just one impact play that got the Eagles their 5th win of the season. The plays mentioned above all made for a great team win, and kept the Bears from having a chance to try and let their offense win the game. After seeing the Eagles make impact plays when it mattered the most, I was finally and to relax and enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

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