Eagles Have a Much Needed Confidence Boost Heading into Minnesota

The Eagles dominated the awful New York Jets this past Sunday. Everyone expected the Eagles to win, but they dominated that team throughout the game on defense. 10 sacks in a game is not a bad stat to have, plus the two defensive TDs helped out a lot.

What this win really did was give this defense some of the swagger it had back in 2017. They got to the QB and forced tons of mistakes all 60 minutes. I understand that they had a 3rd string QB and the Jets aren’t that great, but to dominate as much as they did will bring up a confidence that will carry them potentially through the rest of the season.

This will prepare them for the Vikings, who've been led by a dominant running game with Dalvin Cook as the bell cow. Kirk Cousins will be pressured and shut down by the defense and they will continue to roll with this new found confidence this year. The only thing they will need to do from here is trade for a corner to improve that secondary (Jalen Ramsey!).

I think the Eagles defense is will have three turnovers this week and leave Minnesota with a "W." Then the team will go into Dallas really feeling themselves. The only thing that needs to be worked on now is the offense to become more consistent.


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