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Eagles Give Contract Extension to Rick Lovato

Howie Roseman has the holiday spirit, as he is giving out contract extensions left and right. First it was an extension for Brandon Brooks, making him the highest-paid guard in the NFL. Now there is a four-year extension for longsnapper Rick Lovato.

Lovato first came to town when Jon Dorenbos suffered a wrist injury that required surgery in 2016. He stepped in and played so well that he ended up sticking around during the 2017 Training Camp and outplayed Dorenbos enough that the team ended up trading Dorenbos to the New Orleans Saints (which ended up becoming void when they discovered a heart-issue with Dorenbos). His consistency and lack of mistakes since becoming an Eagle is what has earned Lovato his long-term contract.

It's amazing that the team has been able to find great longsnappers with such ease. Lovato took over for the 2x Pro Bowler Dorenbos, who was here from 2006-2016. Dorenbos took over for 1x Pro Bowler Mike Bartrum, who was here from 2000-2006. So the entire 21st century the Eagles have yet to have any real issues with who has been snapping kicks and punts. Now it appears the team doesn't have to worry about their future at the position until at least 2023.

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