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Eagles Fans Drain Plane's Entire Alcohol Supply

If there's one thing that can be guaranteed about today's game in Nashville, it is that Eagles fans will be drunk in Nissan Stadium.

This weekend Eagles fans invaded Titans territory, with most fans electing to fly out to Tennessee rather than take a long drive. On one flight from Philadelphia to Nashville, Eagles fans were preparing for Sunday a little early. So much so, that they drank all the alcohol that the plane had.

Take into consideration that flights from Philadelphia to Nashville are only about two hours long, and you realize that Eagles fans really can down their alcohol.

Regarding the actual football game, the team will appreciate the Eagles fans traveling and making the away game a less hostile environment to play in. The Eagles have only lost three home games in the Doug Pederson Era, so it's easy to see why Eagles fans want the team to have a permanent home-field setting regard the fans in the stadium.

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