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Eagles Fan Catches Babies From Burning Building, Then Trolls Eagles Receiver

There is no denying that during football season, the Eagles are on the minds of most Philadelphians 24/7.

This rang true in the early morning hours of Monday, as West Philadelphia resident Hakim Laws was interviewed after joining first responders and helped get residents out one by one. During his interview he took a subtle jab at Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor, stating "My man just started throwing babies out… and we were catching them, unlike Agholor and all his mishaps."

Agholor took the brunt of the joke, but basically every Eagles receiver had a drop on Sunday. So Laws could have even claimed he was better than every Eagles receiver from Sunday.

Thanks to Laws' heroics on Sunday, 10 people's lives were saved. And if the Eagles plan on being without DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery again for Thursday's game, maybe they can sign him and bring him to Green Bay to see if he can catch some passes from Carson Wentz.

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