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Eagles Beat Giants Off the Field Too as Ajayi Bests Engram in Fortnite

Updated: May 2, 2019

On Tuesday Night Fortnite, a web series produced by Fanatics, Eagles running back Jay Ajayi faced off against New York Giants tight end Evan Engram in Fortnite.

They played a game of duos. Ajayi was partnered with a Fortnite gamer named Sceptic, while Engram was paired with another Fortnite gamer named RaysFire.

Ajayi is stated that he is not a veteran Fortnite player but he then said "with the competitiveness as an athlete, when I play the game I do not want to lose". Jay's team was down 370-390 to start the event, but he was not going to lose to a Giant on the field or off the field.

By completing fan voted challenges in-game Ajayi pulled ahead and claimed victory over Engram 1150-80.

I guess you can say the Eagles claimed victory over the Giants twice in one week. although Ajayi was not on the field, he still beat the Giants in his own way.



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