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Eagles Awarded 3 Compensatory Picks

The moment Eagles fans have been waiting for. Well, at least those who have been following the draft process closely. The NFL announced the compensatory picks awarded to each team for the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft. The Eagles came away with three additional picks this year. How are teams awarded those compensatory picks? Good question.

The NFL will awards 32 total compensatory picks between rounds 3-5, all dependent on the free agents that come and go the year prior. Since Nick Foles signed a large QB deal in Jacksonville, the Eagles secured a 3rd round comp pick. Let’s take a look at each of the comp picks awarded to the Eagles.

The Eagles were awarded a 3rd round (103) for Foles, and two 4th round (145,146) compensatory picks for Jordan Hicks and Golden Tate. That brings the total up to 10 draft picks this season. Here's a breakdown of where those picks are set at:

•1st round (21st overall)

•2nd round (53rd overall) •3rd round (85th overall) •3rd round (103rd overall) *Compensatory •4th round (127th overall) •4th round (145th overall) *Compensatory •4th round (146th overall) *Compensatory •5th round (167th overall) •5th round (169th overall) *via New England from the Michael Bennett trade •6th round (190th overall) *via Atlanta from the Johnathan Cyprien trade

Seven of those 10 picks come in the first 150 picks of the draft, meaning there will be serious talent on the board for the Eagles to pick from each time. On the other hand, Roseman could use the additional ammo as trade bait to try to move up during certain parts of the draft to ensure he gets the guy(s) he wants. I'd expect the Eagles to be movers and shakers in the 2020 NFL draft.

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