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Eagles 2023 Schedule Unveiled

The NFL officially announced its 2023 schedule Thursday evening. Here's what the 17-game schedule Eagles will look like for the Eagles this season:

There are some interesting matchups for the Birds this season:

A few notes on the Eagles' schedule:

  • They will face all three of their playoff opponents from last season (Giants, 49ers, Chiefs).

  • The Eagles go to New England where the Patriots will be honoring Tom Brady before the game.

  • The Jets have added Aaron Rodgers which will put the Eagles' undefeated record against the Jets on the line.

  • The Birds will host Jonathan Gannon's Cardinals, which will likely be a 3+ hour booing fest for Gannon to navigate through.

  • They will host the Buffalo Bills which could be a potential Super Bowl preview.

  • The Eagles host the Giants on Christmas Day....maybe this could be the potential Kelly Green jersey game?

  • The Dolphins come to town in a showdown of Alabama QB-WR duos (Jalen Hurts, Devonta Smith; Tua Tagovailoa, Jaylen Waddle)

  • The Green Legion Trips & Tailgates Group will be making sure road games feel like home games this season for the Birds. You can join them for any of their trips and have all of the travel and hotel hassle taken care of for you! Check out their early bird travel specials.

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