Eagles 2021 Opponent Schedule Set

The 2020 season will be completed this weekend, but the Eagles already have an idea of their 2021 opponents. Here's a quick look at who the Eagles will be playing next season, and where they will be playing those teams.

The interconference division the Eagles/NFC East will face this year is the AFC West. The NFC division the Eagles/NFC East will face this year is the NFC South. To round off the schedule, they'll be home against an NFC West opponent (49ers), and on the road against an NFC North opponent (Lions) that finished in the same place that the Eagles did (4th place) in their respective divisions.

There is also growing momentum that the NFL will expand to a 17 game schedule, and that could come as early as the 2021 season. The rumor is that the 17th game would be played against an AFC opponent in the same geographical division (AFC East) that finished in the same position in the division (4th place). This game would also be rumored to be played in an international stadium (once travel is allowed). That means the Eagles would get the New York Jets next season as their possible 17th game, and it could potentially be played in England or in Mexico.


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